WA Classical Guitar Ensemble Festival 2019

This event is run in partnership with the Classic Guitar Society of Western Australia.
The Western Australian Classical Guitar Ensemble Festival will be held from Saturday, 24 August to Sunday, 25 August 2019.

Application Form

School Details & Contact

You must specify a person who is based at the school on a full-time basis and is contactable at all times during the school week, for example, a HoD, TiC or Music Secretary. Notifications of performance times, etc, will be emailed to this person and the ensemble director. Notifications will not be posted to schools.

Name of contact:

Ensemble Director

After Hours Phone:

Ensemble Details

Name of Ensemble:
Division of Ensemble:
Number in Ensemble:

Repertoire Selection

Enter Selected Titles, in order of performance. Maximum of four pieces.
Do not omit durations - combined total of up to 15 minutes.

1 Selected Title:
Duration: mins secs
2 Selected Title:
Duration: mins secs
3 Selected Title:
Duration: mins secs
4 Selected Title:
Duration: mins secs

Preferred performance Sessions:

1st preference:
2nd preference:
3rd preference:

One-to-one conducting feedback requested:    
Check this box to avoid scheduling clashes if
students from this ensemble are also performing
in the WA Schools’ Jazz Festival on this weekend:

After clicking the Submit Form button, a printable copy of your application form will be displayed along with payment instructions.

To fully submit your application, you must:
  1. Visit the Eventbrite site to pay the entry fee.
  2. Submit one paper copy of the conductor's score for each piece with bars numbered. Scores will be destroyed after the Festival. Scores emailed will not be accepted.


Tanya Chapman
Instrumental Music School Services
150 Guildford Road
Maylands WA 6051

Entry Fees (No GST payable):
$90 per ensemble

Closing Date: Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Entries that are not fully submitted by Tuesday, 4 June (including scores and payment) will not be accepted.

Performance times and full details about the Festival will be available on this web site on Friday, 28 June. Notifications will be emailed to directors and school contacts via the email addresses supplied on this form.

Any enquiries relating to the festival should be directed to Tanya Chapman at Instrumental Music School Services.

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